Press Release – JobSync Receives TalentCulture’s HR Tech Award

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2021
Amy Warren

“A brilliant product designed to deliver a great candidate experience.” -TalentCulture

Washington, D.C.: JobSync, an HR Tech Start-up focused on creating a simple, seamless, and secure hiring experience, has been recognized as an HR Tech Awards winner by TalentCulture. Joining JobSync is a distinguished group of award winners which includes Indeed, N-A-S and Eightfold AI.

“It is extremely rewarding to be recognized by the team at TalentCulture for the work we are doing, and the vision we have to help connect the hiring systems used by Talent Acquisition.  Core to our principles is to create better experiences for all of the stakeholders in the Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem, all of which starts with a better candidate experience,” said Alex Murphy, JobSync’s CEO. 

JobSync was chosen based on a strict and defined grid of requirements that range from demonstrating the ability to successfully deliver on their promise and satisfy the end-user successfully, to a background analysis of user and employee comments of the product and brand. TalentCulture takes a holistic approach that also includes an in person as well as online review for each brand and technology.  

TalentCulture highlighted JobSync as a “brilliant product designed to deliver a great candidate experience.” Talentcuture also noted JobSync’s ability to streamline the application process for the employer and candidate, deliver applications into employer’s ATS faster and reduce time to hire. TalentCulture also recognized JobSync’s Smart Apply Tool for job boards as a game changer.

Fore more information on how JobSync can help your organization streamline the apply process contact David Bernstein, VP Sales at

About The TalentCulture HR Tech Awards

The experts at TalentCulture are asked every day about which HR technologies are the best. They take a careful analyst’s look at the technologies and companies their community members are talking about and working with. Their selection process is holistic and multi-prong to ensure they discover the best technologies available. For more information visit:

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About JobSync

Launched in February 2019, JobSync connects the Talent Acquisition ecosystem, reducing friction, enabling automation in the HR tech stack for candidates, recruiters, employers, and vendors.  By using the JobSync platform, employers are able to connect the services throughout the stack of Talent Acquisition technologies, from Job Sites at the start of the hiring process, to the engagement, selection, and hiring systems used to manage source, interview, and hire new employees.  By reducing friction across the candidate acquisition funnel JobSync clients see a reduction in CPAs by as much as 50%, reduction in time to hire and reduction in recruiters’ time spent on operational tasks.  For more information about JobSync visit