Press Release – JobSync Merges Operations With ReThink Data To Provide a Suite of Services

Immediate Release
February 24, 2020
Amy Warren

“We are excited to be able to bring to our clients a one stop solution for improving the candidate experience at the top of the funnel while providing to employers the data they need delivered directly into their ATS, CRM or other platform in the HR Tech Ecosystem.”

Washington, D.C.: JobSync, an HR Tech Start-up focused on building the data connections needed between an employer’s ATS and apply tools like Indeed Apply to improve the candidate experience at the top of the funnel, today announced a merging operations with ReThink Data and JobWrapper.  

ReThink Data, a recent ReSI Award winner, was founded in 2015 and connects recruitment sites with ATS providers to improve the candidate experience.

“We have been working with ReThink data since our inception in early 2019. It became evident to myself and ReThink CEO, John Bell, that we would be better together and have an even larger impact on improving the candidate experience at the top of the funnel for candidates and employers,” said JobSync CEO, Alex Murphy. “Combining operations will allow even more candidates to leverage previously stored data on the job site or platform of their choice and more employers to benefit from a complete application delivered directly into their ATS, CRM or other platform in the HR Tech Ecosystem” added Murphy.

“So what has changed?  Well, in a word – Nothing, but a lot!  JobSync represents an evolutionary step in our vision of creating great experiences by connecting people and companies in the world of work, and so from that perspective nothing has changed. What has in fact changed is that we are now a larger company (17 people on our team today) and we are serving 100s of employers from all ends of the globe both big and small,” said John Bell, CEO ReThink Data.

Through this merger JobSync will extend its offerings to include a free native apply solution for job boards, a job scraping service as well as expand the number of ATSs JobSync currently connects to for employers to better serve JobSync’s current and forthcoming clients.

About JobSync

Launched in February 2019, JobSync connects the Talent Acquisition ecosystem, reducing friction for candidates, recruiters, employers, and vendors.  By building the data connections between an employer’s ATS and job sites, CRMs, programmatic platforms and communication tools employers now have a way to seamlessly integrate their ATSs with their HR tools and platforms.  By reducing friction at the top of the candidate acquisition funnel JobSync clients see a reduction in CPAs by as much as 50%, reduction in time to hire and reduction in recruiters’ time spent on operational tasks.  For more information about JobSync visit