Press Release – JobSync Highlighted In Nucleus Research Talent Acquisition Value Matrix

For Immediate Release
October 29, 2020
Amy Warren

“The Matrices are designed to help a buyer evaluate a short list of vendors and choose the solution that delivers the greatest return for its specific needs.” 

Washington, D.C.: JobSync, an HR Tech Start-up focused on creating an easy, complete, and secure hiring experience for candidates and employers has been selected as part of Nucleus Research’s Talent Acquisition Value Matrix that evaluates talent acquisition vendors based on their talent solutions’ usability, functionality and value to the user. Nucleus Research evaluates vendors based on analysis of actual end-user experiences that drive the value customers achieve from the solution. The Matrices are designed to help a buyer evaluate a short list of vendors and choose the solution that delivers the greatest return for its specific needs.

“We are happy to be recognized for our ability to connect the Talent Acquisition Ecosystem syncing data across the entire recruitment funnel,” said Alex Murphy, JobSync CEO. “We know the challenges employers are facing in today’s climate and automation is key.  By building the data connections in an employer’s HR tech stack we are able to reduce friction, increase speed to hire, reduce costs and regularly deliver on ROIs of over 100%. In the challenging economic climate these types of benefits are key and we are happy to be able to bring them to our clients and be recognized as well.” added Murphy.

“We know from evaluating and talking with JobSync’s clients that their so

sollution delivers a solid ROI and helps facilitate the type of automation many employers need,” said Evelyn McMullen, analyst at Nucleus Research. “JobSync is a recognized vendor in our Matrix because employers are able to quickly implement JobSync and see measurable ROI results in a matter of days. In today’s economic environment this can be key for many organizations,” added McMullen.

The Nucleus Research Technology Value Matrices are published at least once a year in Nucleus’s core research areas. Building on the analysis of actual end-user experiences, vendors are measured on both usability and functionality – key drivers of value – and placed into four categories: Leaders, Experts, Facilitators, and Core Providers. 

The Value Matrix is a relative ranking and the center point is reassessed with each publication. The Matrices are designed to help evaluate vendor short lists and choose the solution that delivers the greatest return for a customer’s environment. To learn more about Nucleus Research’s Value Matrix click here.

To learn how you can benefit by working with JobSync contact David Bernstein at

About JobSync

Launched in February 2019, JobSync connects the Talent Acquisition ecosystem, reducing friction, enabling automation in the HR tech stack for candidates, recruiters, employers, and vendors.  By using the JobSync platform, employers are able to connect the services throughout the stack of Talent Acquisition technologies, from Job Sites at the start of the hiring process, to the engagement, selection, and hiring systems used to manage source, interview, and hire new employees.  By reducing friction across the candidate acquisition funnel JobSync clients see a reduction in CPAs by as much as 50%, reduction in time to hire and reduction in recruiters’ time spent on operational tasks.  For more information about JobSync visit

About Nucleus Research

Nucleus Research is a global provider of investigative, case-based technology research and advisory services. The company’s ROI-focused research approach provides unique insight into the actual results technology solutions deliver, allowing organizations to cut through marketing hype to understand real operational value and select or renew the best technology solution for their environment. For more information, visit

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