How To Get The Information You Need From Native Apply Candidates

Custom Questions Gather Important Candidate Information

When a candidate uses the Native Apply option to apply for a job, information is automatically sent to the employer directly from the platform.  Common Native apply tools are Indeed Apply and LinkedIn Apply. Many of these tools forward the candidate’s resume to a designated email address. On Facebook a profile is provided via Facebook Messenger.  For most employers this is simply not enough. There is a need to support multiple custom questions.

Examples of common custom questions on Native Apply applications include:

  1. Equal Opportunity Questions

  2. Veteran Status

  3. Compliance Questions

  4. Minimum Qualification Questions

Ideally, custom questions should be simple to answer and not overly time-consuming. By making custom questions easy to answer, employers maintain the benefits of Native Apply while still gathering the information they need.   The most qualified candidates are often the busiest. Therefore, they want to be able to apply for their next job on their mobile device and in as little time as possible. By choosing to use Native Apply, employers get the best of both worlds – a quick application option for qualified passive candidates on the go and the ability to ask important questions.

Sites Like Indeed and Facebook Do Not Support the Custom Questions My Company Needs

JobSync offers a simple one-time integration that provides employers the ability to ask custom questions, include EEO and compliance questions as well as deliver those applications directly into their ATS.  This allows employers to scale tools like Indeed Apply and Facebook Jobs.

Employers who use JobSync and Native Apply tools see up to a 75% increase in qualified, candidates. If you are ready to enable Native Apply on your online applications, look no further than JobSync to make it possible.

To learn more about how you can improve your online application strategy with JobSync, schedule your free overview today.