How To Approach Recruitment With A Sales Mentality

High volume recruiting in the hardest hiring environment we’ve ever seen requires as much sales acumen as it does recruiting skills.

In our upcoming, open forum webinar with Hayley Denker, CEO of Hayley Denker Marketing, an expert in hiring practices where hires directly equate to revenue, we are diving into the world of recruitment marketing through the lens of selling opportunities, at scale and efficiently.

Gone are the days where candidates had limited choices when it comes to choosing a company to work for. We need to adjust our practices to reach candidates at scale and convert them into hires quickly to expectations and understand that providing a best in class experience during the hiring process is what will help us to build great teams.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why a sales mentality in your recruiting strategy is a game changer

  • Why recruitment marketing MUST be a part of your strategy

  • Why revenue is directly tied to serving your clients

What you’ll be able to action:

  • How to measure your successes at making hiring choices

  • How to measure if you are increasing engagement with your recruiting efforts

  • How to change hiring managers’ thinking that candidates only have one choice