How Native Apply Is Making An Impact On The Digital Transformation of HR

If you are an HR professional who is ready to move your workforce into the future, you need to understand how to begin the digital transformation of your department. Here, we’re going to take a look at the significant components of HR digital transformation and how implementing Native Apply is essential to your success.

HR Designed Around Employees’ Needs

In the past, HR departments designed their processes around the needs of the company. Their efficiency was based upon the company’s expectations and timeline while giving little thought to the needs and desires of prospective employees.

Fast forward to today, and the role of HR has made a significant shift from simply filling roles to finding and securing the best talent for open positions. As a result, companies now base their HR processes around employees’ needs: meaning, a more straightforward application process, faster timelines, and a more transparent interview process. 

The New HR Is Built Around Mobility

Companies that want to embrace HR’s digital transformation must consider mobility. Across the globe, over 5 billion people own smartphones, and much of their lives exist on those devices. Therefore, mobility is a distinct component in creating a positive employee experience. 

A primary way HR departments can address mobility is to make their application mobile-friendly. According to research, over 90% of candidates search for jobs using their mobile devices, and nearly 45% of candidates do so daily. Furthermore, some of the most valuable candidates on the market prefer to apply via their mobile device because it is more conducive to their busy lifestyles.

The Digital Transformation Requires Updated Technology

Currently, over 50% of companies are redesigning their HR processes to include digital and mobile technology. Upgraded technology is essential to successful digital transformation because they help achieve goals such as improved employee experience. The primary objective of technology is to create more efficient processes throughout the HR department. Therefore, each HR department must be strategic regarding the tools, software, and apps they choose. Furthermore, HR departments must continuously assess their technology to make sure it is producing the results they desire.

Native Apply + JobSync Help Build A Workforce For The Future 

Some of the best HR innovations are best used to complement technology HR departments are already using. Native Apply, a tool developed by job sites across the internet to improve the application experience for candidates, is one of them. With Native Apply, employees can submit a simplified application to employers directly from the job site of their preference, or via their mobile device, with as little as a few clicks. 

For employers, Native Apply benefits the digital transformation process by improving the employee experience and making their company appear more relevant to the top talent on the market. Furthermore, when coupled with the benefits of their ATS, employers who use Native Apply experience faster turnaround times during their interview process and a better workflow.

JobSync offers a simple, one-time integration that makes it possible for nearly every HR department to experience the benefits Native Apply offers. The combination of the two makes it possible to include custom questions and EEO compliance questions directly into an employers ATS and candidate workflow.  This gives employers the ability to receive applicant information in near real-time and cut through the noise to see the best candidates up-front. 

To see how Native Apply and JobSync can work together as part of your digital transformation, schedule an overview today.