How Can We Fix the Hiring Process?

Wooden blocks that say "Join Our Team".

The problem of hiring can be broken down into two component parts:

  1. Targeting the right people

  2. Convincing those right people to give you their personal details

Both parts are intrinsically broken.

Take for example, I can buy a shirt, including giving up my credit card info, in 10 clicks – and I end up with a shirt. But a job? 60 clicks later to get entered into a contest that I might win or most likely won’t get anything except anxiety and a lot of lost time.

The job seeker journey is full of friction. Bad friction. Candidate frustration, money losing, friction. Made up job titles, unrealistic expectations, MBAs for entry level positions, user accounts, 40 question questionnaires, demands for social security numbers and current managers name and email, the list goes on. The amount of things (garbage) that candidates are confronted with it’s no wonder they are already exhausted by the time they talk to recruiters. Oh, and they aren’t doing this for just one job. Candidates apply to tens of jobs to get one…so all that bad friction is amplified.

“But the candidates we get aren’t qualified,” said every recruiter ever.

The goal of any hiring team is to hire the best candidates to build great teams. Implementing seamless processes helps them do just that. Enter JobSync and Talroo. Together, we enhance the job seekers journey from start to finish. Talroo gets the right jobs in front of the right candidates with their programmatic targeting. (Bam, candidates!) Marry that with quick apply but with all your ATS questions via JobSync’s Integrated Direct Apply and you’ve cut the candidate journey by more than half – no redirect, no logins, no bad friction.

By simplifying the process we can save candidates headaches and save recruiters time. By partnering with Talroo you get the right candidates to engage with your job, and by partnering with JobSync, you get those right candidates in front of your recruiters.

Learn about our new partnership and get in touch to see how we can help get your recruiting process into the Goldilocks Zone – where recruiting is just right.