Celebrating 1,000 Days of JobSync

JobSync is celebrating 1,000 days in business! It’s crazy to think that something that starts as an idea can come to fruition in the form of a growing organization.

Just 1,000 days ago, JobSync was an idea on how to solve a very specific problem that companies face everyday – how do you maintain candidate volume while adding more screening questions?  Chasing that omnipresent idea: more volume, better quality.

The answer turns out to be both simple in its elegance, and complex in its implementation.

There are four reasons there are no one-size-fits-all solutions:

  1. All jobs don’t require the same level or type of information to properly assess a candidate’s basic fit

  2. All job boards don’t require the same information from candidates

  3. All ATS don’t require the same information from candidates

  4. All candidates don’t have resumes, cover letters, employment dates and other key data handy at the time they choose to peruse jobs

The solution is simple: stop forcing a one-size-fits-all-solution, but rather, provide a core solution with nuanced bespoke components.  Treat each company, job board, job, ATS and candidate as unique and modify the process, and the data acquisition, accordingly.

With this simple core solution with a wildly different implementation per company (and per Job), JobSync has helped countless enterprise companies using over 25 different hiring systems like Workday, Taleo, Successfactors, iCims, Greenhouse  and more than 20 different job boards like Indeed, Facebook, ZipRecruiter, Monster and more plus tie-ins to text messaging and programmatic platforms (that’s over endless combinations of ATS – Job Boards – Programmatic Platforms – Text Messaging Systems!).

Companies like Acerelo, Dish Network, H&R Block, Panera Bread, and Empire Today have signed up to liberate their recruiters and improve their talent acquisition workflow.

Some things to brag about:

  1. Our customer base is constantly growing [4x since day 500]

  2. We skyrocketed the # of employees by 150%

  3. We integrate with the top 25 hiring systems

  4. We connect with over 20 job sites and candidate sources

  5. We process over 400k jobs a day

Talent acquisition is about changing lives for the better. People do not look for or change jobs lightly. A new job is a life altering experience. Our goal is to give companies the confidence they were missing in their recruiting process – to bring them the best in top talent so they can build great teams – to give those candidates the life they deserve.

Thanks for celebrating with us!