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The “Dos and Don’ts” to Get More Organic Candidate Traffic

Everyone wants more free candidate traffic—it’s like the holy grail of an inbound recruiting strategy. To help you implement, operationalize and measure your organic success, here are our latest DOs and DON’Ts. In our last post, we explained how adopting an organic-first strategy can take your easy-to-fill jobs off the table with zero media investment. That… Read more »

Organic Candidate Traffic is Dead, Long Live Organic!

Hiring organizations want to adopt an organic-first strategy, but they’ve been gaslit into believing it’s just not possible. Let’s set the record straight. At JobSync, we make a simple claim: your inbound recruiting strategy starts with an organic-first candidate acquisition strategy. The main objection we get is typically, “but organic candidate traffic is dead.”  Guess… Read more »

How to Win at Organic-first Hiring

How to Win at Organic-first Hiring    Learn the simple things you can do to get more free applicants.  There are two types of candidate traffic you can get for your jobs: free and paid.  Paid is the candidate traffic you get from your sponsored jobs—the paid listings that get bumped to the top of a… Read more »