Building Your Personal Brand As A Recruiter

Do you want to be popular or impactful?

In the last 20 years a lot has changed in the world of recruiting, yet everything seems to have remained the same.

Low ball salary offerings, too many interviews, 10 years of experience and an MBA for entry level positions – you name it, it’s been done [and is still happening]. And while you might not remember those candidates or those experiences, those candidates will remember you, and if you’re unlucky they might tweet about it too. Once the damage is done, it’s not just you and your company, but all recruiters that get labeled as a bad actor.

There’s a common misconception about recruiters and talent acquisition professionals. Hop onto the subreddit r/recruitinghell and take a look around. Candidates and employers [heck even other recruiters] think that TA is full of shady people looking to make their money the easiest way possible without actually trying to help anyone.

So, in a world chock full of bad actors, how do you build, maintain, and protect your personal brand? How can you amplify that you want to help candidates and companies and not just yourself?

Keirsten Greggs is joining us for our next roundtable discussion so we can uncover how she has built her own brand through leaning into her talents and interests:

  • Your brand is a reflection of your whole self, and what that means in your day-to-day as a Recruiter.

  • Why TA is more than JUST recruiting and filling jobs.

  • How recruiters can do their jobs better and help companies and candidates feel better (and say happy things).

  • Why having the newest tech doesn’t matter if your processes don’t support them.

As always it’s an open forum discussion. Come with your cameras on and your questions and insights at the ready.