Amazonification Of Job Boards

Image Credits: Alvin Chan Getty Images (Image has been modified)

If you are not familiar with native apply it is leveraging the apply tools native to a particular site that provides candidates with a one-click and done apply experience.  Native apply tools remove the friction many times involved in the application process and create a highly sought after candidate experience on any size screen always optimized for mobile.  Some of the most popular native apply tools are Indeed Apply, LinkedIn Apply and newcomers like Facebook Jobs.

Candidates prefer native apply tools as well as platforms that provide a multi-use experience because it provides all the information they need in one place.  Candidates in many cases have become Amazonified and want the Amazon experience- buy anything anywhere with one click and free shipping– in every online transactional experience.  Amazon invented the 1-click experience in 1999 and it became one of the key solutions to solve for abandon carts.  An abandoned cart is the term given to online shoppers who add items to their cart and do not complete the sale.  Similarly in the job space we experience application abandonment when a potential candidate does not complete the apply process.

In 1999, Amazon figured out if they could make the shopping experience much easier with a one-click and done they would improve their buyers experience and have less abandoned carts and happier customers.  They were right. Fast forward to today and Amazon is the number one online retailer.  By delivering on that experience Amazon does not only hold the distinction as the number 1 online retailer they also have 50% of the market. 

The 1-click invention by Amazon was so powerful it is one of the main contributors to Amazon’s domination in the ecommerce space.  One click has also permeated shoppers experience and become a solution for ecommerce to develop native frictionless shopping experiences on mobile with solutions like Stripe that offer one click merchant solutions for companies.

The one-click and done experience is permeating everywhere.  When a platform like Amazon gets it so right and obtains 50% of a market companies stand up and take notice and also have to change how they do business.  Retail companies know they need to be on Amazon fully participating in that one-click experience to reach their customers everywhere they are shopping.This is why companies like Office Depot and GNC all sell through Amazon as well as direct.   Similarly the one-click experience is here and available on the most dominant platforms people use and companies should be taking advantage.