5 Strategies For Getting The Most Out of Your Job Ad Spend

Why Do Companies Lose Money On Job Ads?

Before diving into how companies stretch their job ad spend, it is important to understand why they lose money in the first place. The most common reason companies lose money on job ads is inefficiency. Just like any other strategy, job ads must be researched, analyzed and refined to maximize its impact.

1. Conduct Necessary Research

Before a post is published to a job site, it is important to research what channels and platforms are most effective. The same sites that work to recruit blue-collar workers are not effective for sourcing upper-level executives. Posting jobs to sites that don’t reach the right demographics wastes both time and money. 

In addition to conducting research around platforms, companies should also research different job ad styles. Different languages speak to different audiences and understanding what terms attract your ideal candidate is imperative to success. Some of the most successful companies define personas to represent their 

2. Edit, Test, and Screen Job Ads

When a job ad goes live, it is essential to make sure it is ready for public consumption. All job ads should go through a screening and editing process to ensure they are free of grammatical errors, portray the job accurately, and attract the right audience. Some tips for creating effective job ads include:

  1. Begin with a catchy headline 

  2. Use bullet points for readability

  3. Highlight competitive company benefits

  4. Paint a picture of workplace culture

An effective job ad is not just a description of everyday duties, it should be a portrait of what life is like in working for a company in a specific role. Creating an attractive job ad saves money because it attracts qualified candidates and helps fill open roles faster.

3. Automate The Ad Posting Process

Posting a job ad to multiple platforms is cumbersome. Each platform has a specific process and requires certain criteria before an ad can go live. Many large companies hire full-time employees to manage their job ad posting process – costing them money for salaries and benefits.

Fortunately, there are human resource programs available that make posting job ads easier. Modern automation integrations, it possible to automate job ad posting to multiple platforms with the simple click of a button. Employers can also select settings within specific integrations that dictate when to boost a job ad and when to remove it from a platform.  Also remember to leverage Native Apply tools, like Indeed Apply.  These tools increase conversion rates by creating a better candidate experience and leveraging already stored candidate profile data.  Take your automation a step further by integrating JobSync and have the applications pushed directly into your ATS candidate worklfow.

4. Analyze Job Ad Performance

Every job ad should be analyzed for optimal performance. This means, taking time to look at data associated with performance and drawing conclusions based upon that data. Some important factors to examine include:

  1. Click-throughs

  2. Link source

  3. Number of started vs. completed applications

Each of these factors provides insight that can be used to improve an ad. Furthermore, data for every job ad should be analyzed on a regular basis, not just once. 

5. Continually Modify Job Ad Spend Strategies

The key to getting the most out of an allocated job ad spend is to use all of the steps above to continually modify job ad strategies. Some details that can be easily modified to improve ad spend include:

  1. Length/ease of application

  2. Application requirements

  3. Online job posting platforms

  4. Automation details

Are you staying competitive?

Candidates needs are constantly evolving which means strategies to attract them need to evolve too. Be sure to leverage trusted advisors like, Recrutics.  They have recently published their 8 Tactics to Stay Competitive.  JobSync is one of those strategies at the cusp of Human Resource innovation. With JobSync leveraging Native Apply tools with job advertising on sites like Indeed is seamless and increases quality candidates by as much as 8X. Schedule a free overview to see how it can work for you today.