What is an Indeed Quality Score and Why It Matters for Your Candidate Search

When it comes to standalone job search platforms, Indeed reigns king. According to statistics released from Indeed.com, the online platform delivers over 72% of interviews scheduled using job sites. Considering these statistics, it’s easy to see why employers choose to use Indeed to find qualified candidates and why they care so much about where their jobs rank within the search engine.

Indeed Quality Scores Determine How Job Postings Rank

Like many other search engines, Indeed uses a quality score to determine which posts make it to the top search results. What typically determines a quality score for most search engines is the quality and relevance of a post. Indeed is no different. 

Several different factors play a role in a job’s Indeed Quality Score. Common elements include keywords and the poster’s success on the site. In addition to these methods for quality score boosting, using the Indeed’s native apply tool is a simple method employers use to boost their score and ranking significantly.

Why Your Indeed Ranking Matters

According to statistics, the first search result on Google gets 33% of traffic. And, like everyone else searching the internet, job seekers crave instant gratification and aren’t likely to go past the first 1-2 pages of results. Therefore, a job posting’s rank within Indeed is imperative to an employer’s success in finding qualified candidates.

Top Indeed Quality Scores and Native Apply = Success

Qualified candidates prefer native apply solutions and they boost your Indeed quality score making Indeed Apply a must have in your candidate acquisition strategy.  Indeed offers, Indeed Apply, their native apply tool that makes it possible to seamlessly source qualified candidates on Indeed and increase your quality score.

Indeed boasts an 8X increase in applicants when using Indeed Apply.  This can supercharge your recruitment of qualified candidates.  Qualified candidates tend to drop off the apply process first and native apply solutions like Indeed Apply reduce the application friction.

Indeed Apply Seamlessly Integrated With Your ATS

There are only a small number of ATSs that offer an Indeed Apply integration.  However, JobSync, syncs your ATS with Indeed Apply. In a few minutes you and your recruitment team can start enabling Indeed Apply in your ATS and receive complete applications from Indeed Apply candidates in your ATS.  This allows many more organizations to take advantage of the 8X increase in quality candidates through native apply solutions. It is no longer a recruitment strategy that has to live in your inbox or reduce your Indeed quality score.  Indeed Apply can now be implemented at scale in most organizations for the majority of major ATSs.