Take Your Mobile Apply Strategy to the Next Level

If you’re looking to improve how you recruit and hire new talent, here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your mobile talent acquisition strategy.

Fact: Mobile Phones Are The No. 1 Tool For Browsing the Internet

It’s no secret that mobile devices are prevalent in today’s society. Take a look around any public venue, and a handful of people on mobile devices quickly come into view. What is surprising, however, is how much time people spend on their mobile devices every day. According to recent research, the average adult spends three hours per day on their mobile device. The majority of that time is spent scrolling through social media, responding to emails, and browsing the internet.

Social Media is a Top Tool for Job Seekers

Social media is known as a tool for making connections. Platforms like Facebook, however, have come a long way from their beginnings as an easy way to stay in touch with old friends. Today, social media, most commonly viewed on mobile devices, is beneficial for everything from developing online communities to making lifestyle choices. The job search is no exception. In the current climate, 79% of job-seekers prefer to use social media in their job search.

Candidates Want To Apply Via Mobile Devices

Professionals suggest that candidates only apply for jobs via mobile devices if it is their only option. However, statistics show that more than 50% of job applications originate from mobile devices; a percentage that is too staggering to be purely out of necessity. Mobile applications make completing an application on the run possible for some of the busiest, most qualified candidates.

Leverage All Mobile Opportunities

Unfortunately, many employers fail to enable all of the features platforms, like Indeed, provide to employers.  The most common reason is lack of support from their ATS. Many ATSs are not as nimble to leverage all of the available tools from platforms like, Indeed Apply.  Many times employers also limit themselves to only what their ATS can support. For these employers, leveraging Native Apply tools that enhance the candidate’s mobile experience can increase qualified candidates by as much as 75%.

Native Apply Makes Mobile Job Applications Easy

Job search platforms all across the internet have developed Native Apply tools that remove the friction for job seekers and leverage already stored profile and resume information making it easier for applicants to apply on their mobile devices.  Recruiters receive complete applications and candidates have a simplified mobile experience. Native Apply eliminates the hassle of filling out complicated forms one line at a time. Thanks to Native Apply tools, qualified candidates can apply for jobs while on the go, and employers can receive their application faster than ever.

Employers Can Have Their Cake and Their ATS

There are simple tools that fill in the gaps between leveraging Native Apply tools and an employers’ ATS.  One of those tools is JobSync.  JobSync’s technology connects Native Apply solutions, like Indeed Apply and Facebook Jobs, to an employer’s ATS.  JobSync pushes completed applications into the candidate workflow in near real time. Job seekers are able to submit complete applications via their mobile device and recruiters are able to leverage the best of platforms like Indeed and Facebook while leveraging the power of their ATS and providing a solid candidate experience on mobile. 

Don’t be left behind just because your ATS has limited integrations.  Leverage all the tools platforms provide to reach candidates where they are spending their time and give them the ability to apply by leveraging the information they already have stored on their platform of choice.