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Making Your Own Success in Recruiting

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Making Your Own Success in Recruiting ​ Do you find yourself ‘supporting’ your hiring managers, candidates, leaders, and everyone else in the organization? Do you often think you are too busy being reactive, to be proactive? Amy Miller, Owner of Recruiting in Yoga Pants and former recruiter at Google and Microsoft leads our next roundtable to share her process to sit in the driver’s seat to create recruiting opportunities. Amy knew that attracting candidates had to consist of more than just scouring LinkedIn and sending emails with witty subject lines. She took candidate attraction into her own hands and has created an online community of over 6k YouTube subscribers, 60k LinkedIn followers, and 12k Twitter followers. What’s the secret sauce? Amy noticed trends in the jobseeker and recruiting community and knew there was a way to create more opportunity for herself as a recruiter. From dressing as well known motion picture characters, to telling her audience there’s no such thing as an ATS bot, to fully admitting that sometimes recruiters don’t know how to do the job they're hiring for - Amy struck a nerve [in a good way] and continues to dispel recruiting myths. Things we’re going to talk about with Amy:

  • How to be proactive in your candidate attraction efforts - it’s more than just post and pray

  • How to help your hiring managers/teams without becoming their admin

  • How to hire efficiently - it's not that you can’t hire people, you can’t hire them fast enough

  • Understanding that recruiters ARE a marketplace - it’s more than just candidate attraction - how do YOU stand out as a recruiter?

As always this is an open forum roundtable so when you join us your camera and mic will be on and you can jump in at any time. We also always have a really lively session happening in the chat as well. Register below. You’ll get a Zoom registration link and a calendar invite.

Amy Miller ​ My career journey taught me an important lesson – none of us can do this alone. From my humble beginnings living in a camper with no running water to leading recruiting for some of the world’s largest tech companies, I’ve benefited greatly from the knowledge and experience of those who came before me. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.

I've spent the last several years in big tech (Microsoft / Google) after many years in various agencies learning how "real" recruiting is done. I'm passionate about client AND candidate experience, and I believe that good consulting sometimes looks like bad customer service. I'm flattered by every inmail I receive asking me if I'm on the market for a new gig, but be warned - the crappy ones turn into cautionary tale blog posts. I will also turn your snarky comments into t-shirts.

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