Looking for better Indeed.com Organic Ranking? Here’s how.

One of the most simple ways to improve your performance on Indeed or on many of the platforms out there today is to leverage their native apply tools.  If you are not familiar with native apply it is the apply tools native to a particular platform that provide candidates with a one-click and done apply experience.  Native apply tools remove the friction many times involved in the application process and create a highly sought after candidate experience on any size screen always optimized for mobile.  Some of the most popular native apply tools are Indeed Apply, LinkedIn Apply and newcomers like Facebook Jobs. 

According to Indeed, 65% of people are searching for jobs on their mobile device and 78% of them want to apply to jobs on their mobile device.  We all know to focus on mobile and to make sure that our applications are mobile friendly but that’s not enough.  Creating an application process that is more streamlined and allows for one click applies is essential.  Reducing the friction in the application process also improves your likelihood of attracting passive candidates.  In this tougher hiring environment a passive candidate strategy is key.

Indeed Puts Data To Work.

Indeed puts all of this data to work and is focused on reducing friction in order to attract quality candidates.  Indeed rewards companies for apply processes that embrace the data and make it easy for candidates to apply. This is why they give a bump in the organic search results to companies that use Indeed Easy Apply.

Indeed Easy Apply is a free tool provided by Indeed that creates a one click apply experience for candidates.  Candidates are able to apply to jobs with the option of a cover letter and their Indeed Resume. Indeed publicly states companies should receive a 12% increase in clicks.  We’ll share some impressive client data in a moment.

Get Out Your Mobile Phone.

If you haven’t tried Indeed Easy Apply on mobile take a moment now and do a quick mobile search on Indeed and click on a job with an “Apply with your indeed resume” link.  You have to agree, it really is a great candidate experience. Not only is it a great mobile experience in the Job space Indeed Easy Apply is a great mobile experience period.  Indeed employs some of the best tech talent in the world and is constantly testing and iterating this experience to attract the best candidates. Why reinvent the wheel when Indeed is mastering mobile apply?  Why not get the organic bump from using Indeed Easy Apply?

Sync Indeed Easy Apply.

Indeed Easy Apply doesn’t sync with the majority of ATSs and Indeed Easy Apply requires a person to go into their company’s Indeed account and manually process the applications and put them into the candidate workflow.  While the 12% increase in clicks is a great benefit from Indeed Easy Apply most companies determine this is just not enough to justify the additional time and expense in processing the applications.

Increase candidate applications up to 3X.

When using JobSync and connecting Indeed Easy Apply to a company’s ATS there is up to a 3X increase in candidate applications.  JobSync is an application that sits between an ATS and Indeed Easy Apply. JobSync pushes either all of a companies jobs or a select group of jobs to Indeed with Indeed Easy Apply enable.  JobSync then pushes all Indeed Easy Apply candidate applications right into the ATS workflow and labels the candidates as sourced from Indeed Easy Apply. JobSync also supports custom questions and pushes those answers into the company’s ATS.  The combination of the increase in clicks and quality score improvement gives a significant advantage to those companies using Indeed Easy Apply on Indeed. JobSync allows companies to easily leverage this benefit.

Set it and Forget it.

JobSync is a set it and forget it application.  Once JobSync is enabled there is nothing more to do.  JobSync works in the background updating a company’s jobs using Indeed Easy Apply in near real-time and pushes applications into the company’s selected ATS and candidate workflow.

Utility Pricing = Budget Friendly. 

Yes, really.  JobSync is focused on simplicity and flexibility.  JobSync provides cancel at anytime utility pricing based on the number of jobs per month.  The basic monthly cost is low and includes 100 jobs.

Everyone can find 15 minutes.

It takes about 15 minutes to learn if Indeed Apply powered by JobSync is right for you. Simply click here and select your 15 minutes.