Learn How New Companies, Small Businesses & Enterprises Can Increase Qualified Candidate Applications

The top tool used in HR is the ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Over 98% of Fortune 500 companies use ATSs to drive their hiring process. Likewise, 35% of new companies take advantage of the benefits ATSs have to offer.

Today, many companies also use Native Apply as a key component of their hiring process. Native Apply is a tool launched by online job sites such as Indeed and Monster that makes it possible for candidates to efficiently apply for jobs online or via a mobile device. One common issue that both large and small companies experience when using Native Apply, however, is that their ATS is not prepared to accept the applications it produces. Fortunately, JobSync offers a custom integration that makes it possible to seamlessly use Native Apply in conjunction with most ATSs.

Whether you represent a small or new business looking to step up the level of competition you bring to the hiring game or you’re an enterprise executive looking to save time and money, we want you to know you can achieve your goals with JobSync’s Native Apply integration.

Attract and Grow Top Talent

Whether an enterprise is searching for its next top executive or a new business is looking to recruit the best and brightest to take on its competition, finding the right people matters. Throughout its time of use, Native Apply has been proven to increase applications from qualified candidates as much as 8x. For enterprises, this means they get to access to the most qualified person for their upper-management positions and new companies have a better chance for landing applications from skilled and proven professionals looking for their next opportunity at success.

Keep Applications Organized for Current and Future Hires

Finding the right person for each position is the key to success for every company. Therefore, one of the best things any company can do to prepare for their future is to keep a record of applicants from past openings for future hires. With the help of JobSync, both large and small companies can efficiently track all of the qualified applications they receive from Native Apply via their ATS. The integration uploads materials into any ATS in near-real-time, making it possible to quickly identify and categorize each applicant.

Leverage The Power of the Most Popular Job Sites

Companies of all sizes and age benefit from the power of the most popular job sites on the internet. Indeed, the number one job site in the world gets over 250 million unique monthly visitors and houses 150 million unique resumes. Likewise, Indeed has over 200k job categories that feature positions from seasonal associates to corporate executives and everything in between. The Native Apply feature on Indeed, also known as “easy apply” can be used to attract the best applicants for any type of job. The JobSync integration makes it possible to easily post openings to Indeed and other job sites without having to enter the same information multiple times – saving both time and money for all companies.

If you’re ready to see how JobSync’s Native Apply Integration can benefit your company, schedule a free overview with our experienced team today.