How To Scale Easily With Easy Apply

Easy Apply is the one size fits all solution to increase the volume of applicants to your jobs – and it works. Regardless of the job site, jobs with Easy Applies are optimized to be shown to candidates more often than jobs that send the candidate off to the company website.

Job sites do this for a few reasons:

  1. Easy Applies keep candidates on the job site itself, which mean they can keep the candidate’s attention and serve up more job ads

  2. Easy Applies are quick, so candidates are less likely to abandon the apply process

  3. Easy Applies work on any device, where many on site applies have not been yet optimized for a mobile device

Unfortunately, in order to scale Easy Applies across all jobs and all candidates, job sites have tried to determine the absolute must haves for the majority of jobs and apply that evenly across all jobs.  For most jobs that means: name, email, phone number, location, education and last job experience delivered to your inbox. Some job sites require all of these components, others may require only some of those pieces.

The challenge is that your job might need more information. For example:

Are you able to work in the US?

Do you have a driver’s license?

Do you have experience in this industry?

Can you work evenings?

Whatever you might need, those questions are typically not a part of the standard Easy Applies.

Some sites will allow you to manually add questions job by job, but as you can imagine, that often doesn’t scale.

Recently, some job sites such as Indeed, Facebook, ZipRecruiter, and released access to allow companies to apply specific job related questions into the Easy Apply workflow.  As an employer you can gain all the advantages of Easy Apply by adding customized questions, and by getting those questions automatically from your ATS to the respective job sites – you get a clear competitive advantage. [A win, win.]

That bridge between ATS and job site Easy Apply allows companies to include things in the apply process on the job site such as:

  1. Additional screening questions

  2. Knockout questions

  3. EEOC required questions

  4. TCPA texting authorization

  5. Your legal terms that need to be agreed to

Even with these additional questions, companies find that they are able to keep higher volumes of candidates, with better information for their recruiters delivered directly to the ATS.  The combination of more information, customized to the job and delivered to the ATS, allows the recruiter to get to the right candidates, faster.

The result is that companies with integrated ATS with the Easy Applies, increase their volume of qualified candidates, decrease their cost per qualified candidate, and decrease their time to fill.