How To Accelerate Experiences For Candidates And Recruiters

Screenshot from the JobBoardGeek podcast video.


Excerpts from the JobBoardGeek podcast with Jeff Dickey-Chasins & Steven Rothberg.

20 years ago Alex Murphy was bitten by the supernatural job board spider – thrusting him into the world of talent acquisition. From co-founding [the first version] to working in e-commerce, he’s seen his fair share of changes in varying industries.

A common pain among these industries has always been the attempt to solve hiring problems.

How can companies meet the expectations of users when applying for jobs?

Candidates don’t want to be routed to a careers site to create an account just to apply for a job.

“It’s a really not awesome experience.” – Alex Murphy

“It’s horrifyingly bad.” – Steven Rothberg

By making the application experience similar to what users are accustomed to, companies can keep qualified candidates in the application process and build their teams faster. Think about online marketplaces. You can shop, click, and buy without having to navigate through multiple pages. Imagine if applying to a job was that simple? And not just ALL candidates – the qualified ones.

What is the Goldilocks Zone for job applicants?

Too long. Too bad. Too horrible.

There has to be some level of screening in your easy apply process. You want people who are interesting, not just interested [in the job].

How can companies streamline the talent acquisition process and improve the experience for both candidates AND recruiters?

Enter JobSync.

From job boards to social media, to texting and CRMs, to systems of records and ATSs – JobSync sits at the intersection of talent acquisition automation.

The goal is to accelerate experiences for candidates and recruiters alike. Keep candidates in one place while applying. Simple.

“It’s much more candidate friendly for that candidate to be able to stay within that environment.” – Steven Rothberg

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