How Native Apply Improves The Employee Experience

In recent years, the employee experience has climbed to the top of HR managers’ priority lists, and for a good reason. Not only does an improved employee experience mean that employees are happier in their jobs, but it also means that the companies they work for are likely performing better. 

The employee experience is a worker’s (or potential worker’s) observations and perceptions about his or her workplace. It encompasses everything from interactions with coworkers and supervisors to health insurance benefit packages. Also, what most hiring managers are beginning to realize is that the employee experience begins during the hiring process. 

Thanks to Native Apply, a tool used to simplify the application process, employers can begin to improve the employee experience at their company with the click of a button. 

Native Apply StreamlinesThe Hiring Process

The hiring process sets the stage for what life will look like at a company. The amount of time it takes to complete a hire, how the company interacts with candidates, and the level of communication throughout the process are all indicators to a potential employee of whether or not they will be satisfied in their jobs. To set the stage for a satisfying future, companies need to take note of ways they can make the entire process an enjoyable experience.

Native Apply helps companies take the hassle out of the hiring process and create a more streamlined experience for employees by making it easy to apply. Potential employees who use Native Apply to send in their applications enjoy the hiring experience from the beginning.

Native Apply Leverages The Power of Apps & Technology

Leveraging the power of technology and apps is imperative to the employee experience. According to Deloitte, “In a world where employees can manage much of their lives on a handful of smartphone apps, they expect every element of their employee experience, from work to development to rewards, to be accessible and easy to use on their mobile devices.”  For over 50% of employees, this sentiment also includes the application process.

By allowing job applications to go mobile across multiple platforms, including social media, Native Apply sets the stage for a workplace that embraces the power of technology to improve the employee experience. 

Native Apply Puts Qualified Candidates In Control of Their Future

The most qualified candidates on the market are not actively looking for new jobs. However, the most qualified candidates are also the most concerned with their work/life balance and positive employee experience. Therefore, employers with essential job openings can entice the most qualified candidates to apply by painting a picture of what life would be like in their office.

Native Apply + JobSync Improves Everyone’s Experience 

If you’re ready to build a firm foundation for a positive employee experience at your company, start with Native Apply. JobSync offers a simple, one-time integration that syncs an employer’s ATS with Native Apply tools like Indeed Apply and Facebook jobs. JobSync enables employers to enjoy seamless integration between Native Apply tools and ATSs like SAP Successfactors and Greenhouse. With JobSync, Native Apply applications are all delivered directly into the candidate workflow in near real-time.