How Native Apply Helps You Custom-Screen For Qualified Candidates

The ease of Native Apply helps companies increase qualified candidate applications by over 88%. A rise in qualified candidate applications, however, is accompanied by an increase in unqualified candidate applications. Fortunately, Native Apply also offers solutions to simplify the candidate screening process.

Custom Questions Create a One-of-a-Kind Application

Companies that find the best candidates ask the right questions. Simple screening questions quickly eliminate unqualified candidates. Native apply applications offer the opportunity to add custom questions to every job posting. Custom questions create a one-of-a-kind application that helps companies efficiently screen applicants. 

Candidate Screening Questions

There are no limits to the screening questions that can be added to a Native Apply application. Many companies include questions regarding qualifications and experience. Others, however, choose to be more creative with their screening questions. Examples of custom screening questions include:

  1. Why do you desire to work with our company?

  2. What do you want to achieve in this position?

  3. How do you plan to contribute to our business?

Custom screening questions allow companies to source unique information about candidates that provide insight into how they would perform as employees.

Equal Employment Opportunity Questions

In addition to custom screening questions, Native Apply also provides companies with the ability to add basic EEO items to applications. The combination of custom and EEO questions create a complete application that recruiters can use to find the ideal candidates for the position. 

Back-end Settings Filter Candidate Applications

Job platforms that host Native Apply tools possess screening systems that help recruiters filter the applications they receive via their site. LinkedIn, for example, allows job-posters to set specific criteria for each position. If a candidate does not meet the specified criteria, their application does not pass through to the recruiter. Examples of custom filters include:

Many companies, however, manage multiple applications on multiple job sites. Therefore, utilizing screening tools from each specific site can be time-consuming and complicated. For such companies, custom ATS integration is possible.

Create an Unparalleled Screening Process With The Help of JobSync

With a one-step integration from JobSync, you can receive all of your Native Apply applications directly in your ATS workflow in near-real-time. Likewise, it is possible to preset custom questions that allow you to sort and eliminate applications to simplify the candidate screening process. With the power of Native Apply and the help of JobSync, you will be able to receive applications from the most qualified candidates and start the interview process in record time.