Facebook Jobs Marketplace Is Changing

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Yesterday, Facebook announced a significant change to how they participate in the recruitment marketplace, including deprecating the Facebook Jobs Marketplace and the Jobs APIs.

With the new company Meta, there has been a significant focus on rearchitecting the overall Facebook corporate strategy. This means changing strategy and direction, eliminating some products while investing in others. We have always known that the recruitment play for Facebook was an experiment, and as such, we have been preparing for such an event and will soon announce our newest offering, Facebook Leads Connector (name tbd).

The bottom line is the FB Jobs marketplace, as it is today, will no longer exist as of Feb 22nd.
This has always been an experiment and monetization has always been on the horizon for jobs and candidate traffic. Even though they have doubled down on jobs over the last couple of years, it has apparently not lived up to their goals. While we didn’t anticipate this particular change, it is not surprising that the Marketplace, in its current incarnation, does not align with their strategy.

As such, we have been investing in other Facebook solutions, including a tight integration with the FB Leads program, which we launched with our beta customers recently. What we have found is an alternative method to offer a stable export of FB Leads. This product will operate as a plug-in between FB Ads and the Lead forms associated with those. This solution will deliver those leads into an employer’s Google sheet that can then be directly uploaded into an ATS.

While companies will be able to manually post job listings to a jobs tab and use FB messenger to communicate with applicants, distribution of these postings will be limited to the company page unless it is boosted with a paid sponsorship. Additionally, this is no longer going to be available via API, so partners will no longer be able to post on to companies’ pages automatically.

If you would like to learn more about what Facebook’s changes mean or how you can try the new Facebook connector, please reach out to your customer success manager or if you are not yet using JobSync and would like to learn how JobSync drives twice as many applicants while maintaining quality please reach out to us.