Candidates Not Clicks – The Top Reasons Why A Native Apply Experience Matters!

Simplified Apply Process Decreases Cost Per Application

Native Apply tools reduce the friction by leveraging already stored candidate contact information and resume. By combining stored data with custom questions and/or a hosted application the candidate provides a complete application in the least number of steps.  This increases qualified completed applies. Simply stated by increasing the number of quality applies decreases the cost per application. Appcast recently released their 2020 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report highlighting the impact on recruiting dollars as online apply rates fall to an all time low of 5%.

A Strategic Application Process Attracts Better Candidates

Go where people spend time!  To attract passive candidates leveraging sites like Facebook where users spend upwards of 30 minutes a day gets your job in front of a potential new pool of candidates.  By leveraging Facebook’s Native Apply process powered with JobSync companies can receive a completed application pushed into their ATS.

Native Apply Enabled Jobs Capture Candidates Attention First

On most platforms, the Native Apply option presents itself in the form of an easy-to-use button that says apply now and jobs with this functionality are usually given preference on mobile devices.  Did you know that today 70% of Indeed’s traffic is mobile? Many times qualified candidates drop off in the apply process because it becomes too cumbersome and time-consuming especially on mobile. 

A Better Candidate Experience Improves Brand Awareness

When a qualified candidate uses Native Apply to submit their application materials it’s the intention that they have a positive candidate experience. The absence of difficulty in the job application process creates excitement about the employer.. A positive experience extends to a positive view of the brand.

Simple Applications Speed Up The Hiring Process

Today, the best applicants on the market are also the busiest. If they want to apply for a new job they have to do so in between board meetings, lunches, and family affairs. These candidates not only need a quick and easy application process but a speedy hiring process as well. If a company is not able to contact them within 48-72 hours regarding the next steps, the candidate is likely to forget about the opportunity. Native Apply solutions that support custom questions speeds up the hiring process by making it easier for companies to sort through applications and screen for qualified candidates.  A Native Apply process also supported by JobSync pushes those applications directly into the employer ATS and into the candidate workflow saving time and streamlining the hiring process by bringing native apply applications out of email inboxes and tools like Facebook Messenger.

The Candidate Experience Starts At The Top Of The Funnel

When you choose to use Native Apply as a company, you are showing candidates that you care about their experience by:

  1. Choosing the easiest way possible for them to apply

  2. Only asking questions that are necessary for your hiring process

  3. Reducing the amount of time it takes for them to complete an application

In this tight labor market the most qualified candidates will only spend time on an application if they believe it is for a position with a company that will care for them.

Integrate Native Apply Into Your Current Workflow with JobSync Today!

If you’re ready to be more strategic in your hiring process and increase your apply rate, it’s time to discuss how you can include Native Apply options into your current recruitment marketing strategy. JobSync offers a simple one-step integration with most ATSs. To see how JobSync can benefit your company and help you attract up to 8x more qualified candidates, schedule a free overview today!