Candidate and Worker Engagement

What’s your best kept secret to candidate engagement?

Hint, there isn’t one and it’s time to get with the program. Your employees are intelligent human beings – so why do we treat them like they don’t understand what happens within our organization?

Heidi Pancake joins the roundtable as our featured guest to talk all things candidate and worker engagement. Buckle up, we’re hitting some topics that will really make you think.

  • Parents aren’t teaching young adults how to be employees anymore

  • There’s no such thing as “secrets”, your employees are talking to each other, piecing things together, so talk TO them rather than allowing them to build the narrative

  • Accountability is kindness, how to set expectations and hold employees accountable

Join in to learn how you can be teachers and collaborators as opposed to decision makers and bosses.

What should you expect?

We’ll start with introductions [short and sweet] then turn the spotlight onto Heidi. During the conversation everyone will have access to the chat with an open mic and [if you choose to have your video on] all participants can see each other.

There are NO sales decks involved. This is an open forum for everyone to interact, ask questions, and learn together.