Benchmark Data Release – Candidate Engagement Rates

What do most people have in common these days? A smart phone, very little patience, and extraordinarily high expectations.

“One of the biggest barriers to hiring today is communication.” – Mike Seidle

The faster you can get candidates through the funnel the faster you can make hiring decisions and get the SKILLED workers that you need.

You’ve heard it all. There’s a wage gap, a shortage of healthcare workers, blue collar professionals moving to white collar jobs and learning new skills and a lot of people retiring. The thing is, there are A LOT of workers out there, 159 Million of them.

How do you turn workers into candidates?

60% of manufacturing candidates will engage in a text message conversation. There’s a common misconception about the age of warehouse workers. Did you know the average age is 39? We can’t speak for them all but most millennials have a phone, 93% of them do and in their workplace. So, if you’re looking to engage these workers – who tend to be pretty busy throughout the day and aren’t at a desk – texting is where it’s at.

But in order to text them, you have to know them. You have to get their phone number and their permission, you have to have them find you. They need to navigate to Indeed or Zip Recruiter or even Google (on their phone of course), search for job, click on it, and apply.
And this is where it matters – if the candidate’s application is on your website, the median application rate is 4%, but if companies use the Indeed Easy Apply, application rates are closer to 20%. That’s 5x the number of people you can know, in order to text and engage them.

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