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Recruitment Marketing Conversion Rates 101: JobSync & Dalia Webinar

At JobSync, we recently had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Dalia, where we discussed Conversion Rates 101: Measuring & Maximizing Top-of-Funnel Recruitment Marketing. Sam Fitzroy, Co-Founder and CEO of Dalia, and Leah Daniels, COO of JobSync, took a fun and candid look at the conversion rates that truly matter in your recruitment marketing strategy.

In today’s fiercely competitive hiring landscape, comprehending the significant conversion rates across your recruiting funnel, learning how to measure them accurately, and discovering ways to enhance them are pivotal in attracting top talent swiftly without breaking the bank.

For those who missed the live session, you can now watch the recording to gain insights on the following:

  • Understanding how to define and measure crucial conversion rates in recruitment marketing
  • Exploring the impact of changes in these conversion rates on your business
  • Deciphering the concept of “drop off” and its relevance as a conversion rate
  • Tips and strategies to swiftly enhance conversion rates for improved candidate quality
  • Best practices for leveraging metrics to elevate your employer brand

Whether you’re a seasoned recruitment marketer, an employer brand leader, or a talent acquisition (TA) expert, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge required to make informed, data-driven decisions, enabling you to hire faster and more efficiently.

JobSync & Dalia Webinar Recap: Conversion Rates 101: Measuring & Maximizing Top-of-Funnel Recruitment Marketing