I Want it That Way: How to Succeed in Recruiting Without Everyone Else Getting in Your Way

The current state of recruiting in organizations is complicated. Everyone in the organization thinks they are a recruiter, and as such they have a lot of opinions on how recruiters should do their job. Most opinions of the business are baseless, causing more wasted time than helpful suggestions. Add in uncertain economic conditions and personal predispositions, and talent leaders find themselves having to wrestle with a lot of “facts” and suggestions:

  • Based on headlines that are not the business reality
  • On how recruiters can do the job
  • That would lead to compliance, legal or other business issues
  • That assumes generational notions

It’s time to teach your business how to mind its own business (but let you get all up in their business).

We welcomed Dan Black, Global Leader, Talent Attraction & Acquisition at EY and Lindsey Pollak, Career & Workplace Expert and NYTimes Bestselling Author to guide our audience through the pivotal areas that talent teams need to focus on today, like:

  • The ‘New Normal’ Professionals – revamped recruiting processes from the abnormal effects of the pandemic – what needs to stay, what needs to change, and how to show the business the value of it all
  • Speaking truth to power – shifting the focus toward improving instead of prioritizing old processes
  • The importance of the entire Talent function: recruiting, internal mobility, retention, skill development, and knowledge transfer

Dan Black
Global Leader, Talent Attraction & Acquisition

Recruiting Leader with 25 years of experience in the field. Passionate about building a better working world by providing opportunities to the best and brightest talent and leveraging their considerable skills. Accountant with experience serving clients, accomplished public speaker, and established industry resource cited regularly in major media outlets. Interested in opportunities that will help connect people with their passions.

Lindsey Pollak
Career & Workplace Expert, New
York Times Bestselling Author and
Keynote Speaker

Lindsey Pollak is a New York Times bestselling author and a leading career and workplace expert with a focus on generational diversity. Her latest book is a response to the Covid crisis: “Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work,” published by HarperCollins, is available now.

Watch: I Want it That Way: How to Succeed in Recruiting Without Everyone Else Getting in Your Way