Roundtable – Google For Jobs Is Changing- What It Means For YOU!

Earlier this month Google released new updates to their job posting guidelines that go into effect on October 1, 2021. In this week’s Roundtable we are going to break down what these new guidelines are, especially as it relates to the importance of leveraging native apply for your job postings. If you are not familiar with native apply then this Roundtable is for you.

Native Apply tools like Indeed Apply, Zip Apply or Native Apply experiences like Facebook Jobs reduce the friction by leveraging already stored candidate contact information and resume. By combining stored data with custom questions and/or a hosted application the candidate provides a complete application in the least number of steps.

As of October 1st Google will be looking for native apply experiences from employers. Google will be paying attention to who is and who is not providing a good job seeker apply experience. We will discuss the potential big winners and possible losers as this rolls out.

Job Boards will also be impacted by the new Google guidelines. We will discuss how this can potentially impact your traffic on other job boards. We will also look at the changes regarding advertising and other items on job posting landing pages that we anticipate will negatively impact a job board’s Google quality score. 

Get your organization ahead of the curve on this new roll out!

We will discuss::

  1. What are the specific new Google job posting guidelines?

  2. What do the new Google guidelines mean for some ATS apply experiences?

  3. What elements on a job posting page will negatively impact your Google quality score?

  4. What are the new do’s and don’ts for job posting dates?

As always- no sales pitches. No boring presentations. Just good conversation.