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How to Tie Your Recruiting Strategy to Revenue


Talent acquisition directly impacts revenue. Full stop. But making the case isn’t always easy. Join us with Brigitte Orrick, Director of Talent Development, as she walks through how she built a recruiting engine that solved a sales and delivery problem. Watch our one-hour peer-to-peer discussion where we will dive into the significance of recruiting beyond just a function – but as a core driver of business outcomes. We’ll cover:


  • How to uncover the metrics to demonstrate how recruiting impacts revenue

  • How to identify recruiting process gaps preventing the business from hitting revenue targets

  • How to then build a communication strategy that gains internal support for your initiatives 

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Brigitte Orrick

Director of Talent Development

I am Brigitte Orrick, a Human Resources Director with extensive experience as a talent leader. I’m known for my deep expertise and creativity developing and executing a talent strategy as a trusted advisor to executive leadership.

I am passionate about working with leaders to maximize the capabilities of their talent through goal alignment, employee development, and the creation of high performing and cross-functional teams, which drive bottom line results for the organization.

Watch: How to Tie Your Recruiting Strategy to Revenue

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