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You down with OFCCP?

Yeah you know me (and the EEOC!)

Now that we have your attention…

Compliance is a scary word, especially when it comes to hiring. Now that we really have your attention. There is more to compliance than just dotting your I’s, crossing your T’s and checking those boxes. And companies are failing at managing their compliance faster than the EEOC can fine them.

Candidates want simple, less is more.

Legal wants everything, more is more.

And recruiters just want to hire people.

And in healthcare you have mandatory staffing laws - government compliance and patient safety sometimes run head to head.

Where do compliance and common sense intersect, if at all?

Watch and listen as Kate Bischoff and Kristina Minyard to find the answers to questions like:


  • Where are you with compliance in the applicant process?

  • Do your recruiters know where (and how) they are creating liability in the process?

  • What does minimum mean to your business?

  • Are AI bots discriminatory?

  • Where do remote jobs fall under pay transparency laws?

  • Do you have the right permission to text?

  • How much risk ($$$) are you willing to assume?

Compliance applies to everyone - not just for the candidate that your hiring manager wants to hire. Let's discuss the practicality of privacy, compliance and enforcement in recruiting. Pay, discrimination, data collection and more - getting it all out on the table on what it really means to be compliant.


Kate Bischoff
Attorney & HR Consultant, k8bisch LLC

Most consider me an energetic and enthusiastic speaker, human resources professional, employment/labor law attorney, and technology aficionado. The truth is that I love HR and want to make companies better - not just compliant.

With both domestic and international HR experience, I help organizations create, revamp and implement effective human resources policies and practices to drive innovation and business.

Kristina Minyard
Founder / Principal Consultant, HRecruit LLC

Kristina Minyard is the founder of HRecruit, LLC, a consulting firm providing direct placement recruiting services and recruiting & retention training for hiring managers.

For the last 15 years Kristina has successfully partnered with 100+ organizations in manufacturing, professional services, aerospace & defense, medical, and k12 public education to improve full life cycle recruiting processes. These improvements have increased quality of hire, reduced time to fill, increased employee retention, and increased revenue/profit for organizations. Kristina is a graduate of Leadership Greater Huntsville’s Connect Program (C22) and currently serves on The Schools Foundation board and The Catalyst Center for Business and Entrepreneurship.

Watch: You down with OFCCP? Yeah you know me (and the EEOC!)

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