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He’s Got the Eye of the Tiger: Reaching Peak Performance from Your People, Process, & Technology

When it comes to hiring there are hundreds of things to consider - but the most critical areas of focus are your people, processes, and technologies. Whether it’s day one or year five, what steps do you take to identify where the gaps and opportunities are within your recruiting operation, and then where do you start to tackle them?

Join us on August 17th at 11 am Eastern for a 1-hour peer-to-peer conversation with John Higgins, Vice President, Talent Management for Essentia Health, a healthcare system supporting the upper midwest with 14 hospitals and 70 clinics plus long-term living facilities,  where we will discuss:


  • How to analyze your process, people, and technology (and existing commitments) to understand where your opportunities lie.

  • How to look at your entire process through the lens of candidate experience and use that to drive total process and technology improvement.

  • How to get success out of out-of-the-box thinking and recruiting.

  • How to hire at scale while prioritizing people (candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters) first.

Register now and you will receive a Zoom invitation and calendar invite. When you join the roundtable, your camera and mic will be live. This is not a webinar! We want you to participate in the conversation with your thoughts, opinions, hot takes, and even dad jokes. See you there!

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John Higgins
Vice President, Talent Management for Essentia Health

Healthcare HR executive known for servant leadership and transformational talent practices enabling expansion and strengthening of health systems' internal and external talent pools.

Connect with John.

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