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(Don’t Go) Chasing Waterfalls: Managing the Myriad of Expectations for Talent Leadership

Talent Acquisition leaders sit in the middle of untenable expectations. Leadership, candidates, hiring managers, and recruiters, all have expectations of you for technology, responsiveness, market conditions, transparency, and importance. None of whom are correct.

You're the bridge and glue between and among these vastly different constituencies. So how do you manage it all? How do you avoid burnout and maybe even get a little TLC?

In our April 2023 roundtable, with William Tincup, President and Editor-at-large of Recruiting Daily, about the four areas of competing expectations that talent leadership should focus on (including your own expectations):
  • What do candidates really expect? Is it easy applications, quick responses, transparency, one-call hiring? When was the last time you asked candidates?

  • What do you recruiters expect from hiring managers, interview teams, technology and leadership? Are you setting them up to meet candidate expectations? 

  • What do your hiring managers expect from your recruiters and the candidate market? Do they understand what else is competing for recruiter’s time and candidate’s attention? 

  • What are leadership's expectations and understanding of recruiting challenges? Does your c-suite understand what it takes for your organization to hire top talent? Do they understand the recruiting reality on ground or are they being influenced by headlines? 

William Tincup

If someone else were to describe William, they'd use words like; influencer, podcaster, analyst, strategist, writer, speaker, consultant, advisor, investor, and journalist & they'd be right on some level. At his core, William is a "thought provocateur" in that he evaluates what is & questions why. He's studied all aspects of HR & TA (recruiting) for 20+ years. This includes both practitioners of HR & TA as well as the tech that serve these practitioners.

Watch The Recording

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